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What is Integrated Fengshui Interior Design (IFID)?

Integrated Fengshui Interior Design or IFID, is the process of adding Fengshui elements and consideration during the interior design and renovation process. The IFID consultant needs to have at least two years of experience and knowledge in both fengshui and interior design.

Benefits of Integrated Fengshui Interior Design (IFID)

For residential home owners

Integrating metaphysics into the residential home will help to boost the overall health and prosperity of the home owners and their family owners. The IFID consultant will help to design, position and optimise space that will benefit the clients benefit substantially. Hence, the purpose of IFID is not just adding aesthetic to the home, but also creating a secured peace of mind for the occupants.

For commercial property owners

The integration of Fengshui into commercial property interior design is essential for business owners who wish to secure a good working environment and the frequency of good luck into the business. IFID consultants help clients understands its wealth position within the property, while creating spaces that are ideal for their businesses.

How Much Does Integrated Fengshui Interior Design Cost?

Fortunately, IFID cost as much as what most interior design and renovation cost in Singapore. The Fengshui element is considered an added complimentary service to the interior design services.Though it is encouraged for the client to give the IFID consultant a small hongbao for their help, the IFID consultants are happy for helping the client build a nice home or commercial property with good metaphysical elements.

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